Blackman Studio is an art practice with a vision to celebrate and produce new artifact collections that reframe, respect and propagate the extraordinary legacy of Charles Blackman.

The Studio comprises Bertie Blackman, who is an ARIA award winning artist, and brother Felix Blackman, who is a graduate architect and award winning graphic designer. Both are accomplished creatives in their own right, and are proud to call Australian artist, Charles Blackman, their father. The Studio thus brings a familial and intimate experience to Charles’ art, in turn morphing it into new forms and expressions fuelled by their passion, integrity, and love for him.


Bertie Blackman

Bertie Blackman is an Aria award winning musician and artist. She has forged a formidable path through the Australian music industry over the past decade with her chameleonic artistry. Her expertise is in art direction, conceptual design, brand marketing, illustration, merchandising and overall ‘out of the box’ thinking. She is the daughter of Charles Blackman.


Felix Blackman

Felix Blackman is an award winning freelance graphic designer and a graduate architect who blurs the boundaries between the philosophies and methodologies of art and design. The result is a fascinating interplay between our dimensions and platforms of experience. Felix’s expertise is in brand management, conceptual design, design practice and a bit of number crunching. Felix is a son of Charles Blackman.